SUMMER | 2016


With the official first day of fall coming out of no where and smacking us in the face, I thought I would take a look back on a wonderful summer through the lens of my own camera. I often get too focused on photography for clients or paid projects that I'm losing sight of why I love the art of photography so much.

I love capturing moments that no model or actor could ever reproduce, no matter how hard they tried. It's a look, or a laugh or glance that is beyond authentic, it's raw and real, and in that instant only.


SAN FRANCISCO: Any excuse to cruise Highway 1 from Santa Cruz to San Francisco is worth it, my excuse? Picking up a couch for a friend-- with some nice views on the way..

DAVIS: Visiting my old school, my old house, and my old roommates. I got to celebrate the graduating class of 2016 and start the summer with a little nostalgia and deep friendships.

PARADISE: Visiting the parents, their kittens, and my father's sports injury: a black eye and a split eyebrow.

Eugene: One trailer, seven family members, camping in Oregon for the Fourth of July and the Olympic Trials in Track & Field. I was a tad nervous when the rain started pouring and we all had to pack together in the the "roomy-for-a-trailer-yet-still-a-trailer", trailer, but we ended up laughing so hard we forgot we were sardines in a tiny can.

CHICO: Laughing at the creek we all grew up playing in, enjoying the last bits of summer and all the puppy loves.

DAVIS: Birthday party for my darling dearest best friend of 17 years.